Steps to Perfection is an Islamic curriculum designed under the guidance of Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi. The most recent revision (August 2020) includes a fun and exciting layout, graphics, and stories. Furthermore, the curriculum entails guides for teachers, interactive activities, and age-appropriate language, which make learning Islam fun and easy! Student workbooks are also now available! Quran Reading is a Qurʾān curriculum includes a fun and exciting layout and graphics, and is designed explicitly for English-speaking children. 


“Sirāt Books” is produced by the ISSC West Madrasah (of Brampton, Canada) as part of their Religious Education (Diniyāt) programme.
Each book consists of 28 lessons: 7 each on Islamic Beliefs (Aqāid), Islamic Laws (Fiqh), Islamic History (Tārikh), and Islamic Ethics (Akhlāq). The first seven books are also supplemented by Workbooks from which teachers can assign exercises either in class or as homework.



Q Fatima is an educational resource organisation that’s on a mission to share the wonders of the Qur’an through greater understanding Q Fatima helps achieve this through the its own unique platform that helps develop innovative, learning materials that are understandable, relevant and interactive. In essence, Q Fatima is a dedicated environment that enables the community to understand our faith and be understood.


The work was generally supervised by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, and is loosely based on the eHAWZA, an electronic English-language School of Islamic Theology. 

This syllabus was compiled by a team of Islamic studies students. It was a combined effort from members of various Islamic centres around Australia and the wider English-speaking Muslim community around the world.


An integrated approach to teaching which will demonstrate to our students that Islam is not just to be compartmentalised into various subject areas but rather its concepts are fluid and can be applied into all parts of life.

A Quranic worldview which confirms to our students that the basis of Islam is the Holy Qura’n and of course Hadith of Aimmah (as), which form part of lessons as well.

Kisa Kids Islamic Curriculum